Sierra City Cozy Cabin

Cabin Instructions

Welcome to The Sierra City Cozy Cabin!

Check In/Out Times:
Check-In and Out times are negotiable if there are no arrivals or departures during your stay, otherwise check-in is at 2:00 p.m., Check-Out is at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise agreed upon times.

If your dog is flea and tick medicated, your dog is welcomed!

If you are like most of us, we love our dogs.  
Please stick with these simple rules and we can all be happy.   

  • Please do no let your dogs jump up on the furniture or beds.   If you know your dog is likely to jump up, then please, PLEASE bring your own sheets or throws to  ensure the furniture/bed is completely covered. PLEASE don't use the blankets that I provide these are for human use only.  
  • As a general rule, please give your dog a quick rub down before he enters the house any time he looks dirty.  We have a few "dog towels" in the cupboard closet under the stairs.  
  • If your dog tends to wander off, you will need to keep an extra close eye on him or her. We have no fences and there are thousands of acres of forest surrounding us.  In fact, even if your dog doesn't tend to wander off, this may be the exception since there are wild animal scents everywhere to tempt him.
  • And finally, please pick up after your dog and remove any visible signs of your dog's presence!
Thank you for helping to ensure that our house remains inviting to all our guests!

Master Bedroom: Closet in downstairs Master Bedroom is private. Please keep out. 

* Please note: You are required to bring your own bed sheets, pillow cases, bathroom, bath & hand towels.  Blankets, comforters, pillows, kitchen washclothes and towels are supplied.

Remember when you leave to follow the instructions below, including removing the trash, washing your dishes, locking the windows and doors. Do not make the beds.

The instructions below provide instructions on opening and closing house, phone use, where to find cushions for deck chairs, and other necessary tips.

Terms: Renters and guests of the Sierra City Cozy Cabin agree to assume all risks of injury or death and release from liability and never sue the owners for any injuries suffered in the house or on the property, regardless of cause or negligence.  By confirming your booking with payment, you agree that you have read and agree to these rental terms. You also agree to assume any financial responsibility for damage or loss to the premises caused by you or your guests during your stay

Opening instructions (Do all these when you arrive)
• Keys – Instructions are emailed after final payment is deposited. OR , I will provide you the combination just before your stay. The lockbox, one is located on the corner of the cabin directly under the "107" address, keys open the first door on the deck.  
• Warmth – All the bedrooms extra blankets if needed.
• Water – In summer months the water is turned on and you will not need to address this.  
• Power – Some equipment may be unplugged to avoid damage from power surges while no one is there. You may have to plug in the electrical cord that feeds the TV entertainment center and kitchen appliances.

Closing instructions (Do this list when you leave)
• Trash and recycling - Housekeeping requires you to take your trash and recycling with you. There is a local dump 1/2 mile from the house, or there are visitor’s dumpsters across from Bassett’s Resort 5 miles east on Highway 49.  Directions to the dump: when you depart on Butte Street down the hill, take your first right up Sierra Buttes Road. Check the open/closed sign at the intersection.
• Beds – Please do not make the beds.
• Heat & Cooling– Turn off heaters or fans (including ceiling fans).
• Cushions – (Spring months only) Please put deck seat cushions inside house if inclement weather is in the forecast. (If they are not out when you arrive, they are kept directly inside the cabin. You may take them out for the deck chairs and lounge chair when you arrive.)
• Fireplace – Please do not remove any ashes from the fireplace unless necessary. They can smolder and start a fire; even days after the fireplace has been used. If you take ashes out, leave them in the metal ash bucket that’s located outside the front door (in spring months only).
• Please double-check to make sure oven and stovetop burners are off.
• Safety – Important: Be sure all doors and windows are firmly shut and locked before leaving!
• Keys - Return lock keys in the lockbox.  You will need to re-enter the lock-box combination to return the key.

Sierra City Cozy Cabin: 107 Butte Avenue Sierra City, CA 96125

From Sacramento?:  Start out going South on CA-20/E ST toward CA-70. 0.06 miles.  Turn LEFT onto CA-20/CA-70/9TH ST. Continue to follow CA-20/CA-70. 0.48 miles. Turn RIGHT onto CA-20/12TH ST. Continue to follow CA-20. 11.78 miles.  Turn LEFT onto MARYSVILLE RD. 11.39 miles Turn RIGHT onto MARYSVILLE RD/CR-E20. Continue to follow MARYSVILLE RD. 19.21 miles. Turn LEFT onto CA-49 into Downieville 23 miles, follow through Downieville on highway 49 across bridge (Yuba River) into Sierra City 12 miles. Off of 49 turn onto Butte Street up a steep hill, fork in the road, turn left onto Butte Avenue. 

Approximately 80 miles, 1.75 hours

If you have any questions or concerns while on your trip,
please contact Penny at (530) 383-3292 or via email at

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